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Calculation of Chuck Pressure

Calculation of theoretical values necessary based on chuck and cylinder types input

The right chucking pressure is critical for preserving both worker safety and machining accuracy, but calculating it can be difficult. This new function allows you to calculate the theoretical chuck pressure for providing the needed grip force under defined settings by selecting the chuck and cylinder type and configuring the cutting conditions according to the graphical advice.


Guide to Cutting Turns

Making new machining technology more user-friendly

Turn-Cut is a new technology that allows you to turn with your milling spindle.
Through superior synchronized control, it is able to generate surfaces that taper and have any varying diameter shape with a single tool, as well as milling inner and outer diameters greater than the greatest tool diameter.
Inputting the spindle speed after the cutting conditions that follow pictorial instructions have been specified produces an estimate of roundness at that speed. When roundness is entered, the best spindle speed for obtaining the input value is calculated.

Visualization of motor power reserve leads to increased productivity.

Intuitive graphical operation is achieved thanks to improved rendering performance and the usage of a multi-touch panel.
Smooth, fast operations with the sense of using a smart phone may be used to move, enlarge, reduce, and rotate 3D models, as well as list views of tool data, programs, and other information.

Monitor for Spindle Output

Visualization of motor power reserve leads to increased productivity.

For a real-time view of power reserve during cutting, the specified spindle output (red line: short-time rating, green line: continuous rating) and the spindle output in present cutting (blue circle) are displayed on the screen at the same time. This allows you to increase the spindle speed or feed rate while keeping an eye on the graph to make sure the blue circle does not cross the red or green lines.


To prevent virus infection from networks or USB flash drives, the OSP Virus Protection System includes a Trend Micro virus scanning application programming interface.