Multitasking Machine

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Higher production efficiency with fast machine movement

L (lathe) and M (milling) tools can be mounted in all stations.


Machining in all directions is possible.


Machining in all directions is possible.

With a big work envelope that’s suitable for milling a lot of intricate pieces. With a highly rigid moving column, the best Y-axis travel in the class is completely used for forceful cutting throughout the whole Y axis.


Wide B-axis swing: 240°

The B axis spindle’s 240-degree swing allows it to have equal machining surfaces for both the main and opposing spindles. Roller gears are utilized on the NC-B axis to achieve “zero” backlash during B-axis drive and highly accurate 5-axis machining.


Excellent C-axis positioning precision: 0.0001° control

For both the main and opposing spindles, a highly accurate C-axis function is available as an option*. This will benefit end-users that require extremely precise machining of complicated component shapes.
Furthermore, heavy-duty milling with a strong retention mechanism enables applications requiring high accuracy and efficiency.








Max workpiece mass at the indicated spindle speed limit.

Machine only; without ATC magazine.