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Powerful spindles provide heavy-duty cutting with ease


  • Cutting capacities504cm3/min(face milling)
    672cm3/min(end milling)

Positioning accuracy


MB-46VA with AbsoScale; actual data (measurement method based on ISO 230-2)

Process-intensive turn hardening and grinding


  • ・Rugged machine structure developed using 3D-CAD and FEM analysis
  • ・Same rugged column structure as used in our proven column machining centers
  • ・Bearing bracket of feeding axis integrated into the machine
  • ・With MA-600HⅡ 20,000 min-1, the maximum tool diameter is limited depending on the spindle speed used.


Horizontal Machining Centers
Horizontal Machining Centers



Machine structure for high-speed feed and high rigidity

  • Ball screw cooling
    • X-Z axis ball screw cooling and Y-axis motor bracket cooling are standard. Assuring stable accuracy during high rates of operation.
  • Indexing table, pallet
    • The indexing table uses curves coupling for high-accuracy indexing.
      • Std: 1 degree
      • Opt: NC 0.001°
    • The pallet seating surface uses a taper cone system for high accuracy positioning and high durability.
  • Highly rigid 3-point supported bed
    • Easy installation thanks to bed that does not twist.
    • Supporting stable, high accuracy over a long period.
  • Ball screw bracket
    • The ball screw brackets at both ends of the X-Y-Z axes are reinforced and combined for highly accurate drive and positioning.


Specifications Overview

*1. No. 40 spindle is optional.

*2. 20,000 min-1 with HSK-A63 only

*3. 20,000 min-1 with HSK-A100 only

*4. Super-heavy spindle motor rating is 20 min/cont (for heavy-duty cutting)

*5. 20,000 min-1 spindle motor rating is 30 min/cont

*6. Values differ with a matrix magazine.