Double-Column Machining Centers

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Heavy-duty cutting is handled by a double-column construction.

For heavy-duty cutting with great accuracy, a double-column construction with square columns maintains good rigidity in terms of vertical loads, horizontal loads, and torsion.


Premium Thermo-Friendly that prevents thermal deformation

Thermo-Friendly Concept ensures good dimensional stability not only when the room temperature changes, but also when the machine starts up or resumes cutting.

Advanced structural designs provide solid performance.

On the trunnion table B-axis, we have a very robust roller gear cam suitable for a high-speed drive, and on the C-axis, we have a direct drive motor that provides great torque even at low speeds. This enables high-speed and high-accuracy machining to be achieved.

Increasing the height of the Crossrail guideway

With no “snaking” movement, the elevating cross-rail has enough length and structure for accuracy and long life.


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