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Compact, high-speed processes boost productivity.

Overall, high precision criteria ensure

On a box bed, the primary units of headstock and turret are properly positioned for great thermal stability and rigidity.
Even during intensive cutting, the machining precision remains consistent.

A lot of variety

Y-axis functionalities allow for complete multitasking.

Even with oddly shaped workpieces, one chuck can machine them.

A twin slide system can allow a variety of milling operations with high-accuracy, wide-range Y-axis motion.
With a single chuck, total multitasking is achieved (MY, MYW specifications).

The goal of making any shop floor as easy to use as possible was pursued with zeal.

Accessible and well-designed structurally

For simple access and reduced operator workload, the spindle centerline is only 260 mm from the front of the machine.
Workers can also observe other machines and operators nearby because of the low machine height of 1,620 mm.

Excellent chip discharge

Chip accumulation is reduced since the chip discharge outlet is 1.8 times larger than on earlier machines.
For maximum operation time, the cleaning frequency is minimized.



ø320 (swing over lower turret) during shaft work and when machining with opposing spindles. *The opposing spindle capacity and working range near the opposing spindle differ with 1SW and 2SW specifications.