CNC Cylindrical Grinders

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Workability and high-accuracy machining

Grinding with a hydrodynamic bearing is heavy-duty and highly accurate, with shorter cycle times.


A dynamic pressure structure on a non-round plain bearing wheel spindle supports the wheel spindle with wedge-shaped oil film pressure generated by wheel spindle rotation. The retention strength is a strong 1 t, and the wheel rotation accuracy is kept to 0.01 m for a good balance of high accuracy grinding even in heavy-duty cutting. Furthermore, because there is no metal contact with the wheel spindle, its original performance is maintained semi-permanently.


Automation is aided by a superior user-friendly design.


Various loader locations can be accommodated in the upper portion of the front door. Greater automation is also aided by the line flexibility provided by the space-saving design.


With a wide V—Flat guideway, high machining efficiency is maintained.


Under the saddle, an expanded V—Flat guideway system is used to increase the span between the V and Flat guideways. Grinding with a maximum power of 7.5 kW is possible due to increased workpiece support rigidity (optional 15 kW). For maximum machining efficiency, a broad V—Flat guideway supports the grinding load on the wheel head during heavy-duty grinding.


High-speed feed at the highest level in the class reduces machining time.


High feed speeds of ø30 m/min on the X-axis and 20 m/min on the Z-axis have been achieved thanks to a structure with unequaled high following qualities. Improved machining efficiency is aided by shorter non-cutting times.

  • X-axis feedrate: ø30 m/min
  • Z-axis feedrate: 20 m/min





Comes with a solid retention mechanism, makes possible applications that require both high accuracy and high efficiency.