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Package units that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Many package units have been designed to meet specific production requirements such as workpiece size, lot size, automation scope, and other variables.




A machine tool or a robot can be easily operated by any operator.

The robot’s motion program creates an optimal, collision-free motion path simply by setting the motion according to the guidance system. Even inexperienced robotics students can learn how to operate a robot from the ground up.



The machine tool’s pulse handle makes fine adjustment of the robot position simple.

Because of its simple operation settings, the robot follows an efficient path in a small space.


Prepared for a speedy start-up

Installation is simple with systems that have been pre-packaged for production.

In as little as one day, automated systems can be up and running.




Package units can be chosen based on the production model, and an automated system can be designed to meet your needs.