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Promoting The Growth Of Industries Since We Started

We continued to take on obstacles since its inception in order to create a stable and dream-filled future.



New Production Line

Launched medium-sized intelligent Machine Control bulldozers equipped with the world's first automatic blade control system.



Generated compound semiconductors for the first time.

Started manufacturing compound semiconductors and electrical supply cables for domestic production, OEMs and exportation



Parallel wire production began.

For big suspension bridges and cable-stayed bridges, parallel wires are used as suspension materials.



Expands to Europe

Established Komatsu Europe International N.V. in Belgium to coordinate and expand Komatsu's operations in Europe.



Construction of First Factory

Completed construction of the present Tokyo Head Office (Komatsu Building), and began production of machineries.




Established Ogawa Co. Iron Works to manufacture machine tools and mining equipment for in-house use.

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