Corporate Culture Philosophy

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Development Concept

Mission – to create a green enterprise and achieve a comfortable life.

Green environmental protection is the basic social responsibility that an enterprise should undertake, and it is also the basis for an enterprise to develop in the long run. The company will persevere in environmental protection work to achieve sustainable development.

Vision – Committed to becoming the best in the world

We are one of the largest integrated enterprise in Asia, with a complete operating system from R&D, design, production, logistics and branding.

The world’s best machinery manufacturer is our future positioning of the company, and we will become the most valuable vertically integrated operator in other industries.

Core Values ​​- Integrity, Responsibility, Learning, Efficiency

Integrity is the basis for winning customers and uniting employees. It is not only a requirement for the company, but also a requirement for everyone. It is the foundation of building people.

Responsibility is the foundation of the existence of an enterprise, which requires us to respect customers and employees; create value for customers, enable employees to achieve development, adhere to sustainable development, create value for the society, and achieve win-win cooperation among relevant parties.

Learning is the driving force for enterprise development, and sustainable development cannot be achieved without learning. Individual employees emphasize maintaining a learning attitude, and groups emphasize teamwork. We must have the courage to accept changes and challenges.

Efficiency is the external manifestation pursued by enterprises. By improving the response speed and continuous improvement, it can meet the needs of customers and realize the development of employees. In the core value system, integrity and responsibility are the cornerstones, and it is necessary to continuously improve the ability through learning, which ultimately manifests as the improvement of efficiency.

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